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Our mission is to provide professional and committed service which meets the needs of architecture and building development planning industry..

Wawer is one of the Warsaw’s districts which in the last few years have significantly improved their development. This climate encouraged different investors to establish their firms in this area (e.g. ATM film and tv production centre, Hilton Hotel). Architects working for S-project offer a wide range of concepts and solutions for planning new developments. Among them, there are universal ones which can be used by different industries. Furthermore we strive to meet the highest expectations of individual clients and their new concepts. We believe that architecture has a significant impact on decision making when it comes to the purchase of building plans or already existing objects.

Experience, practical approach and ability to make objective decisions - these aspects enable us to assess our results. This has an influence on and presents effects in comfort, quality and functional effectiveness of a planned object.

Our purpose is to make sure that our projects:

- meet the needs of individual clients

- are innovative accordingly to required architectural plans

- are properly analysed and assessed at the concept stage in order to establish relevant implementation plans

- well coordinated between different industries

- are open for modifications accordingly to development conditions

- are functionally effective

Above mentioned objectives let us meet the needs of our clients and turn our work into high quality products. In order to complete our projects we employ and cooperate with a team of specialised and experienced professionals..





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